Annadale Energy Helps Staten Islanders Save Money With Shared Energy.

Here's How.

  • Annadale Energy is Staten Island’s first Community Distributed Generation (CDG) fuel cell projects. CDG is a new way for New Yorkers to share the value created by clean, distributed energy resources. CDG expands the clean energy market from a small fraction of New Yorkers to nearly all 3.5 million ConEd customers.

  • A CDG subscriber earns credits on each month’s electric bill by virtually linking their utility account to an Annadale Energy project.

  • Annadale Energy guarantees energy bill saving to all its subscribers. Each subscriber saves money on every monthly ConEd bill.

What is Community Distributed Generation (CDG)?


Annadale Energy Provides Guaranteed Energy Cost Savings

  • If you get a ConEd electric bill, you can become an Annadale Energy subscriber! The only limits are: you can't currently be subscribed to another CDG project and you can't already have your own clean energy system installed at your home or business (such as a solar panels on your roof).

  • As a subscriber, you'll earn credits on your monthly electric bill that automatically reduce how much you pay to ConEd.

  • For example, if your electric bill for June is $150, your subscription can provide a credit of up to $150. The actual credit will be set by your allocation of the CDG project. We try to match the credits to your actual bill, so you'll pay nothing or next to nothing to ConEd.

  • Each billing period, you'll get a second bill from Annadale Energy. Our bills have a guaranteed savings rate of 5-15%. (ConEd is working on "consolidated billing," a way to have your CDG billss part of your monthly utility statements.)

  • For the example, the Annadale Energy bill is $135, for a monthly savings of $15 or 10% discount from your electric bill.

  • The savings rate is fixed for the life of the subscription.

  • Annadale Energy gives New Yorkers a new way to take control of their utility bills, save money, and support a cleaner, better energy system.

The Nuts & Bolts of Community Distributed Generation

Close up of a utility bill and ball pen

ConEd mails out more than 40 million bills to New York homes and businesses and collects more than $7 billion in revenue each year, including to 175,000 Staten Island utility customers. ConEd has some of the highest rates for electricity of any utility company in the nation, and rates for New York City residents are twice what an Upstate New York customer pays. ConEd’s residential rates have increased at a faster clip than any other regulated utility in the state.

How NYC Gets Its Electricity

Solar Panels on Roof

Even without all the clean energy and power grid benefits, it’s no doubt why there is widespread support in New York City for alternative energy technologies that reduce electric bills. Solar photovoltaic (PV), battery energy storage, and fuel cell technologies have seen unprecedented cost reductions and can slash ConEd bills. Already more than 7,000 Staten Islanders have installed PV panels on their home rooftops and save money every month.

New York State Solar Map

Until recently, a small fraction of New York households and businesses were able to realize the cost savings from new energy technologies. Most New Yorkers can’t install solar on their own rooftop, because they don’t own a rooftop. Most New Yorkers can’t install an storage battery in their own backyard, because they don’t own a backyard. And most New Yorkers can’t install a fuel cell in their basement, because they don’t own a basement. The vast majority of New Yorkers are renters and live in apartments.

New York City

Community Distributed Generation (CDG) expands access to clean energy technologies to all New Yorkers. ConEd customers can subscribe to the energy output from a shared, community-scale solar, wind, or fuel cell project located somewhere else in the city. An apartment renter in Saint George, an elementary school in the Bronx, and a skyscraper in Manhattan can all subscribe to the same CDG project located in Annadale. CDG opens the clean energy market to ConEd’s 3.5 million ratepayers.

Image by Maximillian Conacher

CDG is a marketplace in which companies compete to build the best projects. The number of subscriptions for a CDG project is linked to how beneficial it is to the power grid and to how much clean energy it generates. So far, most projects are built in upstate, where there’s lots of farm land that can be re-purposed as solar farms. ConEd customers can’t access these projects, because their CDG projects must be in ConEd’s service territory.

NY Community Solar Map

Sustainable Energy
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Annadale Energy is New York City’s first two CDG projects using fuel cell technology. Because of its benefits to the local Staten Island power grid and to the environment, thousands of subscribers can participate. Annadale Energy launched its service to Staten Islanders and New Yorkers in 2020.

How Community Energy Works