Local Approvals for Annadale Energy


Annadale Energy has support from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) Clean Energy Fund (CEF) Stationary Fuel Cell Program. Under the Clean Energy Standard (CES), fuel cells are classified as a Tier 1 renewable electric generation source.

NYSERDA Stationary Fuel Cell Program


The New York City Fire Department (FDNY) Technology Management (TM) Unit performed a safety review of Annadale Energy and approved the site plans and operating procedures.


ConEdison completed in-depth technical studies of Annadale Energy to calculate the benefits and costs of interconnecting the DERs. Coordinated Electric System Interconnection Reviews (CESIRs) determined that the Annadale grid is suitable for fuel cell projects with minimal upgrades.

ConEdison Fuel Cell Guide


The Department of Buildings (DOB) and Department of City Planning (DCP) reviewed and approved Annadale Energy site plans. DOB and DCP determined that DERs can enhance New York City's energy resiliency and are critical elements of electricity infrastructure.  

New York City Buildings Bulletin on Fuel Cell Zoning


National Grid will deliver fuel to Annadale Energy via its underground natural gas infrastructure. The gas utility completed an in-depth study of its local gas system and determined that the Annadale gas grid is suitable for fuel cell projects with minimal upgrades or impacts.


The Department of Public Service (DPS) regulates the Commuity Distributed Generation (CDG) program, sets program requirements, and approves market participants.

DPS Uniform Business Practices for DER Suppliers